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Hello, as i have said in a previous post i am working on some projects and i would need help from the community.

The problem presented here is my latest acquisition, the Alienware aurora r4 that came as a barebone for spares and repair.
Mainboard is 7JNHO x79.
The case only contains the motherboard, psu, all internal lighting and cooling.
I have added a cpu i had (xeon e5-2658 v1), a hd6950(and my gtx980) and 4gb of memory.
As expected the case lights up and moves all fans and fancy flaps but fails to post and beeps 6 times continuously.
I have tried the following: cmos reset - 6 beeps
no ram - 2 beeps
no gpu - 6 beeps
with 3 different gpu cards - 6 beeps
The motherboard seems intact and so are the cpu pins and as many would say the xeon may not be compatible but i don't think
i would get 6 beeps (no gpu error) if the cpu did not work.
After the research done so far i learned that the dell bios version it has will not accept other gpus with the secure boot feature enabled and as i don't have the original gpu i am stuck.
If anyone has a solution to this or can provide a bios A05 version in .bin format(that i think is missing secure boot) i would be very happy.
Thanks in advance.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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