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Alienware Case's

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Does anyone have any idea if you can get one of these cases somewhere?

I dont have the cash for a complete build, but man, i want one of those cases so bad!

Does anyone know where you can get them? or if its even possible?


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Ebay would be the only place, because they dont sell them retail, so youd have to get a used one
Just a word of advice - these look cool, but aren't really the best contructed cases. You can just look at the open pictures they have, they are steel chassis, non-tooless design. It's basically a pretty plastic cover over top of a generic box. Definitely not worth the $300 dollars some of these people are asking.
Also, they don't look very good for cooling.

Alienware = Overpriced Pieces of Decent Computers
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WAYYY overpriced... $250 for a case... wow..

I paied $30 for mine.. it KINDA looks like that..
I remember when Alienware used the Cheiftec Dragon...
They did?!?!

Dragons are nice cases. I'd get one if I had the money... and my parents' permission. lol...

Very easily moddable.

ASUS VENTO kind of looks like Alienware case.
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God! Don't even mention the Vento! That thing is so ugly...
It is... but IMO, so are Alienware cases... for some reason.. they remind me of jacuzzis...
Not only that, but a few years ago there was a case manufacturere who made Alien-esque cases. They looked similar to the Alienware cases, but weren't "licensed" replicas or whatever. I wish I remembered who it was though, only saw the cases at Fry's (Outpost). Haven't been in there in a few years now, and it feels very, very strange....
i just love those cases. my (rich) friend bought a 6500$ alienware aurora alx and i so envy him.

Originally Posted by Irritant

these look cool, but aren't really the best contructed cases.

People aren't going to be dropping the damn thing; IMO they look cool and I wouldn't mind having one. They weren't all going for $300 or so, there was one for about $30. I think the $300 one came with a PSU.
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they remind me of a honda with a body kit, they look cute and all but its still dog **** underneath. ;-) Ill stick with my X-Navigator.
Just ask pandapimp, the case on his Alienware Aurora 7700 is pretty darn bad. The cooling down right sucks, 80mm intake and 120mm exhaust, big deal. On top of that the fans are moderate air flow but are noisy. Also the case is not only NOT tool-less, you need a key to get inside it and he lost his LOL so if you do that (and they come locked) you're really screwed. Also its by far the heaviest case EVER due to being pure steel. I kinda like the look though, a long time ago I called Alienware and asked if they would consider selling the cases (either retail or just 1 to me) and I got to talk to someone pretty high up (dont remember who
) and he gave me a definitive NO....though he did say they were considering bringing back those super cool chameleon paint jobs.

BTW I also remember the days of the Chieftec cases
back then I hadn't even heard of AMD! LOLLORS!
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