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All sold!

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Diamond HD5870 - $100 Shipped
This 5870 is quite strong subzero. It did 1350/1300 through 3D03. It has a bit of random LET (liquid electrical tape) on it but it runs fine on air. I tested it with the 3DMark Vantage GPU tests on loop for an hour. No issues at all, it topped out at 72°C with the fan on auto.


Volt-modded EVGA GTX 275 - $45 Shipped
This card has been volt-modded for vGPU. It also had read points for vGPU and vMem. I replaced the caps near the chokes as the stock caps are prone to blowing up. Because of this replacement, the stock cooler does not fit. I ran this card with a universal GPU block and it worked perfectly. I prepped it for subzero but never benched it cold. The back is still covered in LET.

BFG GTX 280 / EVGA GTX 280 - $50 Shipped / $45 Shipped (respectively)
I purchased these for the 2013 Team Cup but my i7 965 died before I got a chance to really push these. As you can see in the pictures, there are currently blue wires coming out from under the coolers. Those are there to assist in attaching a VR for the OCP mod. If you do not want them, I can de-solder remove them before shipping--just be sure to let me know. During the same Vantage tests looped in SLI, they loaded at 70°C on the BFG and 74°C on the EVGA. The BFG card is in slightly better condition aesthetically. The screws on the back of the EVGA card are quite stripped (hence the lower price).

Payment is via Paypal. Lowballs will not be responded to. No trades accepted. If you purchase multiple items, I'll discount since I'll ship them together. Ask for combo prices.
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GTX 280's pending over at XS.
They're both still available but I have had a few other inquiries. Send me a PM with what you're interested in.
GTX 275 is sold!
Both GTX 280's are sold! 5870 is pending as well.
All sold and closed!
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