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In LinX I always set memory to "All". I start the test and continue to do what I was doing ( checking e-mail, watching youtube videos, listening to music ). It does seem sluggish sometimes. One day I would pass 20 runs in LinX with no errors. Next morning I wake up and do IBT again to double check with same settings and I get an error. Could it be that I'm interfering with the stress test? I always thought that the more stress the better ( LOL ) so I thought me using the computer while it's checking for stability is fine, but now I am a bit skeptical.

I downloaded IBT and set Stress Level to "Maximum" and it told me I cannot use more memory than I have available..so I guess it's bad for me to be on the computer while stress testing.

What do you say?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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