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I am a little confused about the compatibility of the alphacool 7970 waterblocks. I would prefer to buy the v2 series due to the active VRM cooling but not sure if it is compatible.

I have 2x XFX HD7970 925Mhz core edition (launch reference). Are the v2 series waterblock compatible with original pcbs or did AMD/alphacool change something fundamental for the GHz edition etc?

If not I'll probably just go with watercool blocks or something


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The two Alphacool blocks are very different. The V1 is for 7970 PCB's and the V2 is for 7950 PCB's

If you look at the product page for each it shows the different PCB's they are designed to fit.



The compatability list for each shows that V2 fits mainly 7950's and a very few 7970 that use that PCB.

So it will depend on the PCB of the card as to which block you can use.
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