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Alright, I need to get a board and make up my mind.

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I just got a q6600, vid is 1.296 and I want to overclock.

My 650 is toast, (memory issues)

So I need a board.

I don't want sli or crossfire and probably won't change the gpu for another year since I don't game much.

I do want 8 gigs and at least a 3.2 quad that can handle alot of stuff I throw at it.

Microcenter has the P35 for 84 shipped, this guy at hardforum has it for 65 shipped but I don't hear from him

I don't want to spend over 100 bucks and prefer to be a cheap as possible.

I don't have a want for RAID but that's not important right now, right now is to get the computer up and running.

So what should I get? that's cheap and like right now... I intend to buy,.
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What about a blood iron dude? Newegg has it for 109.99.

Here's a gigabyte ep45-ud3p for 110.00

ASUS P5N-E SLI 650i LGA775 motherboard for 60 shipped

DuckieHo has an Asus p5e x38 for 105 shipped

Check around the for sale section on OCN, lot of good deals. If you need something right now super cheap just to get by, that Asus P5N-E 650i looks good for 60.

However if you can spend a little, get the x38, it's a steal for 105.
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650i chipset doesn't overclock well, especially quads.

I want to stick with the p35/45 chipset for this q6600..

I gotta guy at hardforum selling a p35 for 65 shipped so I'm most likely gonna buy that.

Next year when I can do I7 I'll upgrade towards that.
bought a p35 for 65 shipped from another member, close this thread and thanks to miki.
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You should buy my Gigabyte EP35-DS3R (BNIB from RMA w/ accessories) for $80 shipped to the CONUS.

Edit: darn. didn't see last post.
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Yeah, I had a guy have one for $40 pick up off craigslist but he never answered the phone or my text when I sent it to him.

Microcenter has then new for 85 shipped but with the 3 year warranty I don't think I'll have any issues.

And hopefully next year after I pay some bills I'll go I7.
bump, deal didn't fall through so I still need a board.
Gigabyte EP45-UD3R or UD3P.
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