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Alternative to Mayhems Blitz for rad cleaning?

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Can no longer get Mayhems locally in NZ so was wondering what is the recommended alternatives?
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For blitz pt 1, you can use distilled white vinegar. It is already diluted as it comes (5% acid), so I just pour it in to the rads straight up. Never use in the loop, it will damage nickel and possibly other stuff like acrylic.

For blitz pt 2, you can use liquid soap. A few drops and you will get the surfactants of blitz pt 2. Might want to just ensure the soap you are using doesn't also have nasty stuff in it, although I think Dawn is fine to use (even the kind with a bit of bleach in it...there isn't enough bleach in it to damage anything).

I have also seen people recommend using bleach to clean as an "in-between" of these two methods -- kills growth and cleans dirt out of there if you follow it up with a little soap. Just do not mix bleach and vinegar (chlorine gas, I think). I have not tried using bleach, but I've seen 25/75 bleach and distilled water recommended. I want to do some more research on that, because I'd love to have the option of a full-system cleaning agent that you can use on other parts aside from radiators.
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