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VideoLAN runs flawlessly(except the bookmarks don't seem to function) on my Win 7 64 installation but on Win XP 32 the audio stutters, roughly every 5-10 seconds.

I have also Real, DivX and Windows Media Player installed. They run good but are often unable to play a video format or just the audio track of a video.

Is there another video player that runs as many formats as VideoLAN and may run better on Win XP 32?


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To my knowledge there isn't another video player that is as versatile as VLC.

Your only other option, if your are not going to fix with issue with VLC would be to install tons of codecs so that WMP can work.

so install FFDshow and AC3 filter

For VLC I would update vid drivers first though...or roll them back.

There is also Elecard Moonlight's MPEG player. That is what I used to use before VLC was a stable powerhouse.
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