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I have a Alton V694D same as the PCWare's M790MR, PCCHIPS M790, ECS D6VAA, EagleTEC M790MR, Amptron M790MR, Elpina M790MR there all the same. Its dual cpu and takes 2 P3 coppermines Far as i can tell its overcloacable im not sure if its through bios or just the jumpers. Its clearly marked right on the motherboard "over clock" and allows for 66, 100 and 133 mhz fsb just from the jumpers. I was thinking If i put 2 p3 coppermine 1.1 ghz cpu's 1024mb ram the best 4x agp grafx i can get. Add in a basic water cooling ssytem "somthing cheap" Basicly get it setup decent. Right off that would be 2.2 ghz total what kind of overclock could i get if i put some time and tinkering into it?
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