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Am I in trouble?

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Check out the highlighted voltages. Note: Since having this PSU the +12V has always been 11.93 stable. Now I see it going to 11.99 according to HWMonitor. THATS FREAKING AWESOME. Almost. I would be more than happy to see that, but in the right side colum I see the max it showing me as is 14.22. Ought-Oh? After seeing that, directly above it I see the Max Column across the way from CPU VCORE reading 2.04. Whats up with that, does Corsair owe me a new setup, does this sound abnormal or something to worry about? The 3.33V line is also at 4.08V. Maybe Corsair should send me a skull trail or a new I7 or something if this powersupply is fooking up my siht.

On the plus side after vista went corrupt and I reinstalled I got it back to what seems to be stable at 3.8 where it will stay.
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Is it hitting those peaks when you open the program, or just at random? If it happens when you first get into Windows or when you first open the monitoring program, it could just be a glitch. Otherwise, that seems pretty scary. I've seen monitoring programs spike out and do some crazy things when they are first fired up, so maybe that's what it's doing.
well see OCCT did the same things and since I really haven't read that a lot of people used it I assumed it to be a flaw of the program and stopped using it when I saw the voltage do that. Now its doing it on this, so maybe I need to test some things with my multimeter. I have a good FLUKE multimeter I just have no idea what to to test inside the box with it if it comes to that. Anyone else seen this or experienced this before?

edit: and no its not just when I get into windows, It happened sometime overnight during the course of running prime.
I would unplug the PSU and get it tested ASAP! Since this appears on more than one monitoring program it`s likely to be true. Ofcourse it could be your mobo sensors but i would for sure get the PSU tested first.
Unstable PSU makes an unstable system. Unstable systems fries stuff.
All those image links are 404 Fail.
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