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Originally Posted by Nevaziah View Post
Well, It may not be. Here's an ASUS 8800gts going for 349$ CAD on ncix.ca

Whenever i see stuff like that I just frown and shake my head... very slowly...
I think they are trying to bait those buyers that automaticaly think the following:

Popular brand name = Better quality
Higher cost = better quality/performance

And also those who would buy without doing any research.
+1 that is just the flat out truth. It does make you want to just frown and shake your head slowly.........then got to the headquarters of that major store and kick some a$$........That's just me though, I'm not really a "passive aggressive" kinda person.

EDIT: If it's such an antique then why did at least five sellers on google have it for less. Granted you are right it will be at least 200+ USD for one of these now due to the limited quantities.

I think the OP's example of $400+ USD, is clearly over-priced.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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