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GA-AB350M-Gaming 3 or the Biostar GT3 both have the same VRM basically and should be good overclockers. But the gigabyte board has 6 sata ports so that would be my pick....
If using a pcie-x4 NVME drive with an AB350M Gaming 3 all you'll have available are 4 SATA ports without crippling the NVME.

Also, while the Gaming 3 does overclock at least as well as other mATX boards (which doesn't say much) you have to be willing to set VCore up in the 1.45-1.5V area and trust it's actually lower at the socket. There's no voltage sensors that work with any utilities to gauge Vdroop and no LLC; so get ready with steady hands and a decent digital multimeter.

And lastly: Gigabyte's support has been ragged at best. A cludgey BIOS with slow updates and sometimes serious errors, soft bricking and spotty performance mainly. I think the development team has been focused on their cash cows, which would be (most any new) Intel boards and their top-tier x370 boards.
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