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[Amazon]Archos 5 250GB $230 (Save $220!)

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That is a SICK deal on this. AMAZING. I think I'd choose this over a Zune HD any day. Been eyeing one of these, but sadly - I can't afford it.
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thats odd, I was looking at these last night salivating.
You can put windows on these can't you? I've seen a lot of people on youtube w/ these and Windows XP on it.
Looks like a GPS.
It does seem very nice, but the reviews tend to suggest that Archos has terrible customer service, which means that, just like any other device, it'll be a great product, IF it works. Though, given that it is almost half off, it can be either considered a steal for you or a steal for the company. Good luck to those who get this device. It's features really do seem enticing, but I just don't feel that I should plop down such a large sum if it's not even going to work as it should half the time.
hey who knew the 1st time im inlove with the price, second time was so heartbroken and dismay with the negative reviews

Originally Posted by Mootsfox
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Looks like a GPS.

it has a GPS too

Basically its a giant iPhone - minus the phone.
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Thats weird cos 160GB version costs 'only' 499.99

Tempting offer but I am also broke at the moment
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I have the 7 inch version(same except removable battery and bigger screen) and I've really enjoy it.
Oh my god.

I was gonna get an iPod classic for christmas.

This might be what I'm getting if the price lasts.
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