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AMD 11.3CAPS "Silently updated" Crysis2 issue fixed!

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ok, caps 11.3 now work with retail version of crysis 2 however, When i play the game in CF 6970, i get 43 on a level when am just looking at a wall with a bit of water on the floor, nothing too demanding at all. I restarted the game but with the.exe renamed to bioshock and the fps was 76 in the exact same area. I did many other tests. The new caps have decreased performance by around 40-50fps but an average of 25 which is 25 too many am sure you will agree.

It would be great if others could compare their own fps to see how it works out for them

I also compared fps between using the fear and bioshock profiles. Bioshock is 15fps better on average for me however others have the complete opposite effect, so it's what ever works for you on that one lol.

AMD told me today that 11.3 caps do now work this retail anyway. The links silently updated all the time. His words, not mine.

Extra info: I use 11.4 CCC with 11.3 CAPS 1, Retail hard copy Crysis 2 fully up to date
Fraps was used to test and compare. Same exact area of game tested. No vsync, extreme settings, default CCC settings and stock clocks.
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