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Amd 3000+ Oc

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hey all i just oced my processor to 2.7ghz from 1.8 im running a 150 divider and my ram is running at ddr450 cant go anyhigher it it will crash but i ran prime95 on it it froze so i increased the voltage to 1.65 from 1.55 and it went for 23hours before i wanted to play bf2 so i stoped it here is a cap of that.

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Originally Posted by internal

I know it's a big one but so far it's been the only drawback to this board.
In the grand scheme of things, I'm still overclocked 500mhz.

Still, the fact that it's an agp setup has kept my temptations of buying a new mboard for that reason alone(getting an extra 200mhz on the cpu and a bit on the ram) at bay.

1.45v is way to low for ocing, especially since the Venice is stock a 1.4. I run at 1.55 at 2.7.

Compfreak, does your mobo offer different adjustments for the vcore? Because that Venice should do 2.7 with a lot less voltage that 1.65v. Can you set it up wo something like 1.57 or 1.60v? I know DFI's can, but I dunno about MSI's....
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