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AMD 3200 winchester running too hot

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this dont look too good! please tell me its a dogey sensor or 2!!!!

i dont know weter to cry, or run for cover!

in the bios is says im running at 54-56
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Those look like correct temps, if they were fahrenheit anyways. Have you tried using everest to see what temps it shows?
ive got everst, what do i go on to find out?

Originally Posted by Norro

ive got everst, what do i go on to find out?

Computer--> Sensor
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click on computer first on the left panel, then click on sensor and wait for about 10 seconds for it to get the temps and stuff
(well 10 seconds on my computer
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for my motherboard its got 64C (147F) which is exactally the same as speedfan

127C for Processor! surley it would of fried by now!
soo?? what happened?? i hope it didn't blow up...

edit: - you should now try to get another CPU cooler...i gues...
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i think so too! its still in one peice, i think my pc is confused! lol its got C and F mixed up a bit coz its not that hot!
Turn your PC off, take your heatsink off, take all thermalpaste off of your CPU and HS, reapply thermalpaste, start computer. See what happens.

I think you seated the Heatsink incorrectly.
i didnt put it in, i didnt know how to do it so i got the local shop to, and its been like it for the last 9 months, im goin to transfer everything over to a better case soon, so ill check it out then, untill then ill manage with it, i know its not that hot so im not gonna bother, i think ill invest in a better hsf for the processor when i change, i like the look of the arctic cooling freezer 64 pro so its looking promising,

thanks again for you help!
But it IS dangerous, your temperatures shouldn't be that high, IDLE or LOAD.
i just checked again in the bios, and the CPU says 56C, id think that the mobo would have a clearer reading, than a 3rd party progam would, im getting the case in 3days so i can check properly then but i still think its the PC playing tricks!
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You need to work on creating descriptive titles.

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i was in slightly panic mode, you nearly got "OMG My Pc Is Like Hell!"
but i think i chose a more "creative" one
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a way to check if ur sensors are drunk is put ur finger on the heatsink our use a therometer
The CASEs air flow is very important to reduce temps... do you have any case fans?
Maybe the sensor's acting weird. one of mine reads -47*C :***:
Touch the heatsink, If it is indeed very hot then you've got a problem, If it's slightly warm or cold to the touch then you know its just a faulty sensor. Also, Call or email chaintech and ask them if they have some specific temperature monitoring software, Another thing to do is check the temperature in BIOS! It should be under hardware management or something rather. If bios says something else you KNOW bios is right and everything else is just a software to hardware communication malfunction. Also, Around that temperature is when thermal throttling goes into effect so check and see if your cpu speed is lower than what it should be using cpu-z. Hope this helps.
Lol...I did that to my Lanparty while reapplying the heatsink...it reads 127°c all the time but is cooler than a polar bear's toenails!!!!
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Yeah, If it's just annoying stick a new thermal sensor under your chip.

HEY! I just got a thought! Check if that temperature for your cpu is CONSTANT. Does it always stay the same? Then it is INDEED a faulty sensor!
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