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AMD 64 FX 57 Overclocking ?

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I been doing alot of reading and testing and i cant seem to go past 3.0 and have it past prime, is there someone with the same proc who know a lil more then i do that can help me push this thing to 3.2 and have it stable. I manage to get these overclocks.
fsb : 300
multiplier : 10
mem : 2.5-3-3-7
vcore : 2.50
dimm : 2.75

Thanx to anyone that can help me out ;D
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3.2 might be a bit far for your FX57, 3Ghz sound reasonable, my FX55 only get to 2.75Ghz so you should be happy. But i will say try upping Vcore, but as Ste said try to keep temps below 50C and not really any higher than 55C.

What cooling are you using also and what are your temps. If your using stock get some new cooling if you can afford it.
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