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AMD 64 FX 57 Overclocking ?

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I been doing alot of reading and testing and i cant seem to go past 3.0 and have it past prime, is there someone with the same proc who know a lil more then i do that can help me push this thing to 3.2 and have it stable. I manage to get these overclocks.
fsb : 300
multiplier : 10
mem : 2.5-3-3-7
vcore : 2.50
dimm : 2.75

Thanx to anyone that can help me out ;D
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Originally Posted by vicoorr

Im running bios 1009 and yes its stable at 3.0 but anything above that fails prime95 if i use a 1:1 divider on the mem :/ , and what kind of cooling are your suggesting ?

So then it's a problem with your memory and not the CPU. Either use a higher cpu multi and lower FSB, loosen ram timings, or raise ram voltage.
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