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Ok, so I'm overclocking my Cpu for the first time more or less. I switched up stuff in the bios and got a pretty decent stable OC atm. I'm going to push it more, but wanted to ask here if I'm doing anything wrong. If there are any glaring 'omg, *** is he doing' signs that you see.

- The Dram frequency, is at 888.1mhz... And timings. Someone want to explain that to me? Am I looking ok? Am I going to have to lower that if I push the bus speed more?. Its 1600 OCZ AMD Black edition ram. 8-8-8-24.

- Also the Voltage I have on Auto. For some reason, when I was bumping it up manually, I kept getting OC failed popping up post bios. But on Auto, it seems to be raising itself up nicely enough.

I don't think Ill push too much higher than 3.7 or so. I want it stable for 24/7 and not blistering. Any ideas or hints in general?

And, before you ask. I did try unlocking it. It wouldn't unlock. At all. Neither the core or the L3. I'm 90% sure the chip wont unlock, and 10% thinking its possible I just am an Idiot.
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