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AMD Athlon X2 5200+ OC (First timer)

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Quick question, specs are in sig for the most part. If you have any detailed questions just let me know.

Anyway, I did a small/simple OC by raising the FSB to around 215 Mhz and found it to be stable (OCCT hour test) using the stock cooling. The multiplier is at 13.5 which brings the speed to ~2.9 GHz. All in all I'd like to push it to at least 3 GHz with relative ease (without immediate purchase of new cooling tech). The temp, according to CPUID runs around 25C idle and up to about a max of 50C during the OCCT test.

Would it be possible to raise this to the 3 GHz mark (about a 10% increase) without a new cooling system?

P.S. I'm planning on getting a new cooling tech, but money is short and my patience is limited.
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have you tried prime95? prime95 brings my CPU at stock speeds to around 67C. if you are getting the tempuratures you said, 3.0 shouldn't be hard.
I'm trying to run it now, not 100% sure how it works sadly

Do you just simply run a blend test? If so, for how long?
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