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AMD Athlon X2 overclock

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I have a AMD Athlon X2 7750 2.7Ghz with multiplier locked on a ASUS M2N68-AM plus board. I cant get past 218 fsb. after which the system fails to start. I want to know how can i reach 3.2 Ghz. I think PCI lock feature aint available on my motherboard bt not sure. Am a noob so plz excuse if the question seems dumb. Also recomend me a good setting for my ram.
Thanx in advance
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well u gotta face the fact that u have a low grade motherboard. u got it to 218 which is very very good indeed for that mb. take a 40x40 fan, attach it to that north bridge, highter ram timings. good luck. search this forum & read read read
Isn't the 7750 a Black Edition? If so...just up the multiplier then since your mobo isn't too great.
The Kumas are poor OC'ers. I got my 7850 to 3.6Ghz unstable, but only 3.3 stable.

The board you have is similar to my old one; M2N68. It's not your board, it's the chip as that board got a 955 to 3.9Ghz stable and a 720 to 3.8Ghz stable.
thanx mates. No 7750 sold to me isnt a black edition the 7850 is. was wondering if i can a voltage bump to cpu/ mb help? am worried because i dont want to fry my chips. also how do i attach a 40mm fan to my NB.
What's your graphics card? What brand is your PSU? (Quality is important)

Your motherboard's small VRM & locked multi are factors working against your goal of 3.2ghz.
i havnt put in my 9500gt 1gb graphics card. What is VRM of motherboard? Cant upping the voltage of cpu&/mb help me?
I had 1 running at 3.2g stable but it is tricky to get it there. A major voltage jump on the cpu and CPU/NB voltage at 1.35v. Set you core voltage to 1.325V. Set nb and sb to 2000. Set cpu/nb voltage to 1.35 or 1.40v. Set the multiplier to x15 or x15.5. And that should do the trick for 3.0g or 3.1g. I would not try going for 3.2+ on that cpu.
All the tweaking you do on this chip or 7850 isn't work it for an extra 100Mhz that you won't notice. I'd suggest stick to 3Ghz or 3.1 and stay there, or get a new chip. It will be just a waste of time for no benefit buddy. Get an Athlon II. They OC as well as Phenom II's.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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