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Hi all,
I was wondering which Pins need to be bridged on this CPU in ordered to unlock the multiplier functionality.

That is, unless it can't be because it is one of the CPUs with a laminated surface that makes the bridging impossible.
How would i determine this?

I am running it on an ASUS A7N8X-E Duluxe mobo which i have heard can get around the CPU multiplier lock, however whenever i attemp to go any higher than the default, comp doesnt boot and i have to reset CMOS.
Could that be the lock taking effect, or is it because the comp doesnt like the setting (i.e too high for it to handle)?

(CPU Serial is AXDA2500DKV4D
Info from http://www.ocinside.de/go_e.html?/ht...roduct_id.html

Athlon XP (T-Bred) Desktop Processor (Model 8) 1917 MHz
OPGA Organic Pin Grid Array 1.65 Volt max. Temp. 85°C
512 KB L2 Cache 333 MHz Systembus (166 MHz FSB) x 11.5)

Thank you, much apprechiated,

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None... the only method of modding them converts it to seem as a mobile but it seems to leave you with no voltage options!
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