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a few weeks ago i got my hands on:


along with this


i plan to change the board out eventually, but the problem right now is

with gskill ram:

i cannot get this board to be stable in bios. Also it will not boot with both DIMMs populated

let me explain,
when the system gets past post and boots into windows it is perfectly fine. I can stress test for days and no issues. Never crashes or anything.

When i try to get into the bios to tweak some settings it freezes. may take 5 seconds or even 30 seconds. but i cannot successfully tweak something in bios and save it before it freezes.

I've tried cmos reset and different ram sticks. i even tried the biostar bios update utility, which seems to fail when rebooted.

I think this board is just fail because you can't do anything in/to the bios.

unless someone's got some suggestions
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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