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AMD Budget PC ready !

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Finally ! My AMD budget/gaming PC is ready . I spent about 400-500 $ to build it

Spec :

Amd Athlon II X4 620 @ 2.6 Ghz ( stock )
GIGABYTE MA-770-US3 Rev2.0 ( SB750 )
4x1 GB DDR2 800 Kingston
Powercolor HD Radeon 4870 1 GB GDDR5 @ stock
MS-Industrials Power PSU 550 W
Hitachi 160 GB HDD + WD 500 GB HDD
22" LG Flatron L22WG Full HD

A7 Tech Gaming accessories set ( 3200 DPI mouse , mouse pad , 7ms gaming Keyboard ( waterproof ) , Gaming Headphones )

5.1 DIGI sound blaster Speaker set

What do ya think about it ?
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That board only has SB710, it still supports ACC, though. Why did you get 4x1Gb instead of 2x2, not a problem, just wondering? Never heard of MS-Industrials, I would watch that PSU very closely. Why did you get a 160Gb and a 500Gb, is the 160Gb faster or are they both the same speed?
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The 160 GB HDD is way faster . I use it as Primary / system Partition ( C ) .
4x1 GB ram is a bit faster than 2X2 GB ones .
I thing CPU-z does not lie XD . Mainboard :


That PSU is an industrial one . 3 rails( 3x2 molex , 2x 6pin pciE ...) 18A on 12V
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Well apparently this time CPU-z does lie.


Originally Posted by DuckieHo
4 DIMMs places more stress on the memory controller than just 2 DIMMs. This may prevent you from running the memory as fast.
from here

Ok, then maybe I was wrong about the PSU, although 18A on the 12v is kinda weak, good luck with the build!
But there are 3 rails ! 3X18A ?

So the SB is a 710 one . Its still okay , cuz it has ACC
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Yes there are three rails which means you have to be conscious of which component you're putting on each rail. If you overload one rail, you're system could be unstable or you could fry something. IMO its easier to have 1 powerful rail, most good 550W PSU's today have at least 35A on their 12v rail.


Originally Posted by http://www.jonnyguru.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3990
Why do some people FUD that single is better?

Because there are a few examples of companies that have produced power supplies with four +12V rails, something that in theory should provide MORE than ample power to a high end gaming rig, and screwed up. These PSU companies followed EPS12V specifications, which is for servers, not "gamers". they put ALL of the PCIe connectors on one of the +12V rails instead of a separate +12V rail. The +12V rail was easily overloaded and caused the PSU to shut down. Instead of correcting the problem, they just did away with the splitting of +12V rails altogether. Multiple +12V rail "enthusiast" PSU's today have a +12V rail just for PCIe connectors or may even split four or six PCIe connectors up across two different +12V rails. The rails themselves are capable of far more power output than any PCIe graphics card would ever need. In fact, Nvidia SLI certification these days REQUIRE that the PCIe connectors be on their own +12V rail to avoid any problems from running high end graphics cards on split +12V rail PSU's.
There's less components and less engineering to make a PSU that DOES NOT have the +12V rail split up, so it's cheaper to manufacturer (about $1.50 less on the BOM, $2 to $3 at retail) and typically this cost savings is NOT handed down to the consumer, so it actually behooves marketing to convince you that you only need single +12V rails.
What I'm most interested in is this glass case you have! Lets see some pics!

EDIT: You should be okay in the PSU department for now, however if you plan on going crossfire, you need to upgrade. Just remember if you start having stability issues, depending on the situation, the first thing I would check out is the PSU, then the RAM.

Yeah essentially SB750 and SB710 are the same thing, with the exception of RAID-5, that may be why Cpu-z got it mixed up.
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1) get 2 160GB HDDs and run them in RAID0. Your computer will fly.
2) get 2x2GB RAM to limit the stress on your NB. This will improve stability, compatibility, and overclockability.
3) READ the reviews about that PSU. I have never head of that brand and unknown PSUs have been known to have garbage performance. Make sure the reviews are good and the PSU has at least 40-50 amps on the 12v rail.
The next thing what i will buy will be a new psu , but in the maintime i enjoy gaming with my new rig .
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