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For an HD6970 I had installed crimson 16.2.1 drivers on a PC with W8.1 x64.
Want to upgrade, I uninstalled them with DDU, and after that I was not able to install any drivers version, official and beta, and also earlier.


The installation never is successful, and the card is always recognized as microsoft generic in device management.
The only solution was to restore a previous point system, and all returned to work properly.
Then after a final cleaning and installation successful, I tried updating drivers from management devices pointing to the folder C: / AMD where there are various versions unpack.... VGA recognized and drivers installed , it is taken the 16.2.1 (despite the presence of others).

1. what is the initial issue (installation not successful)

2. how can I resolve to freely choose the most suitable version (like an earlier, for other reasons)

3. if I should just install the drivers manually as last, how can I restore / install / or call up the software drivers that do not currently cien I receive?
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