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AMD gaming build for +- 400 Euro's.

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(Build changed, please check last post)

Hey all,

My nephew is getting his first computer and he has got 400 euro's to spend. I looked at an Intel build, but with an AMD I could get more out of the processor. This is what I got so far:

AMD Phenom II 810 : 124,90 euro's
Asus M4A78LT-M-LE : 50,79 euro's
Kingston KHX1333C9D3K2/2G : 54,78 euro's
Samsung F3 HD502HJ 500GB : 42,95 euro's
Sapphire HD 4770 512MB GDDR5 : 93,46 euro's
X-Gear XCH700K Chrono incl 450w PSU : 34,95
Total: 401,83 euro's.

Wanted to call the shop about the case first, to be sure if it'll be ok. Trying to get most out of his 400 euro's he can spend. Will this be ok or does it need some changing? 2GB of ram ain't that much, but I think it'll be sufficient for now, since he can still upgrade later on and 4GB is almost double the money. DDR2 vs DDR3 and AM2+ vs AM3 price wise here isn't so much of a difference either.

He already got a 20 inch Acer monitor (1680x1050) a Logitech keyboard, my old gaming mouse and Logitech 2.1 speakerset.

Thanks so far,


Edit: Oh! I forgot the DVD drive XD
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Everything should work fine, only thing I'd question is the PSU... I think it will be enough but maybe you want to try a PSU calc?
I wouldn't trust a generic brand power supply like that to actually put out 450W. Instead of the quad-core, maybe get him a trike or even a phenom II dual to make room for a more trustworthy PSU and possibly even 4g of ram. I'm guessing the intended use is gaming, which if so he won't be making much use of all 4 cores, and the money could be better spent elsewhere.
Yea sorry I didn't mention it in the OP, but gaming will be its main accupation. Ok i'll look into it later this evening (wel evening for me) and put a new build up here for some oppinions on it.

Thanks so far,

Ok its a little over the budget, but still, what about this:

PROC: AMD Phenom II X2 550 BE - 84,95 euro
MOBO: Asus M4A785-M - 61.90 euro
RAM: Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4 - 52,73 euro
GFX: PowerColor HD4770 512MB GDDR5 - 87,88 euro
HDD: Samsung F3 HD502HJ - 42,95 euro
PSU: Corsair CMPSU-450VX - 54,95 euro
DVD/Burner: Samsung SH-S223C - 19.96 euro
CASE: Cooler Master Elite 334 - 27,70 euro
Total: 433,03 euro.

Don't think 4gb's of RAM will fit in the budget without cutting on the processor even more or on the graphics card wich I really do not want to get any lower then an HD4770. Case is fine I suppose. Would the motherboard be to much? Think it will let the 550BE shine some more by being able to overclock a bit on that thing. Any suggestions?

Thanks so far,

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I built a very similar system on the lowest possible budget a couple of weeks ago. I was curious about the XCH700K, which is so cheap I did not really trust it. It turned out to be rather wobbly and I bent it half out of shape by accident during the assembly of the system.

It left such an impression on me that I've written a review about it on my blog, something I normally never do
Check it out: X-Gear XCH700K ATX case reviewed
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