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AMD noob needs advice...

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Hi all!

So I've finally decided to switch over to AMD
. The main reason is because I love playing Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, and I've read that the Source Engine is going multi-core.

What I'd like to know from you guys, is an AMD Athlon X2 3800+ (Toledo) @ 2.0 Ghz going to be adequate? According to Toms Hardware Guide CPU Charts, this CPU is about middle of the line.

I'm going to pair it up with either an MSI K8T Neo2-FIR or an Asus A8V-X along with the RAM and Graphics Card I'm currently using.

What kind of overclock do you guys think I can expect if I use adequate fan cooling on the CPU and NorthBridge? I also wanna be able to play some of the upcoming games like Crysis and Medieval 2 Total War at reasonable resolutions with decent frame rates. I wanna get something now, or should I wait another month and save up for a faster model? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
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That is a highly OCable CPU. You'll like it. If you're going to wait for a faster model, ehh if I were you a faster model would mean a new motherboard as well, and by that I mean either AM2 or LGG 775. But then you'll need new RAM too.

wait wait wait, just get the X2 3800, you'll love it.
Ok, so far your ram you have and the cpu you have is looking great. That processor will overclock and gives performance =]

But If you want to play newer games I really suggest you a newer video card.
What do you guys think about the MoBo selection?

Any recommended fan cooling solutions?
I agree with RickJS, a newer video card would help things out some.
As with the mobo selection, I'm a fan of DFI, so I'd probably get one of their boards, their great for overclocking (look at the Lanparty series). Out of the two that you listed, I'd probably get the ASUS.
Cooling fans- I like my Big Typhoon, it seems to be popular amoung people on this site too, so I'm sure others will recommend it too.


The Opty as nice too, the 165 should be pretty cheap if the 3800 is too. Couldn't find a current price on a 3800 in a canadian store though. Just thought I'd throw that in there.
But, E6400 is up there

Just think C2D is generally faster than X2's.

But it will cost you heck more, because you would need to buy more expensive mobo, DDR2 rams.

But you should seriously consider C2D and compare the performance.

Do i sound like an Intel lover?
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Just a little. I was gonna go Conroe but I couldn't afford it cuz of the DDR2 and the mobos. AMD is still viable though. Might get the Windsor core(AM2) since this is a brand new build and DDR RAM isn't getting any cheaper.
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