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Amd Phenom II 810 Help

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Trying to Overclock it over 3ghz here, and everytime i up the reference clock it loads up but temps skyrocket, and the vcore goes up Automatically to like 1.6! Any ideas whats wrong?
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Manually set the core voltage and take any auto setting about the voltages off. Manual is what you want. Other then that I'm not sure what you need since I don't know a lot about the 810.

Oh and overclocking more then 3-400 MHz will probably require some aftermarket cooling.
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you need to set voltage manually and you need a aftermarket cooler
You guys know of any good After market coolers that will fit my board and case without taking apart the MB? I want to get this as close to 4ghz as possible
just don't get a very bulky one. and also, it's usually about the ram's heatsink. so don't get a ram that has a tall hs.

get a TRUE. it's more than enough.
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