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AMD Phenom x4 9650

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i am wondering about overclocking my Phenom Quad-Core 9650 im not worried about killing it so much because i bought it from microcenter and got a warranty that covers so how do i go about overclocking and is it worth it? i have 2.3 ghz now and also if i overclock it is there a way to up the speed of my fan because it runs so slow i mean i dont build up heat but if i overclock the processor that might be a concern so i guess this is a two part question
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First when you overclock your concern should be Cooling. Air or water. Water is better but it's not cheap. Air cooling is good and cheap. My suggestion would be these two products.
or the

If you really want to go Sky high on your clock go Peltier Cooler. Those keep the cpu at near freezing and below temps.
One other thing on air cooling. Make sure your case breaths well.

Now on overclocking there are two ways to do it
Changing the FSB Multiplier.
Changing the multiplier from 11X to 13X can increase your clock speed but remember that the inside of the CPU always wants to run at 2000 RPMs. Any more and you risk blowing something up any less and your overclock gets slows down because your processor is running at low RPMs at full throttle.
If you do not have a BLACK Edition Processor then you will have to be stuck with the hard overclock.
The Difficult overclock is setting your base number of (200) to a higher number. remember this though. When you change this number to a higher number you must watch that you still keep the internal motor running at 2000.
For example
200 base x 10X = 2.0 Ghz
210 base x 10x = 2.1 Ghz
220 base x 10x + 2.2 Ghz

Changing the BLACK editions.

200 base x 10x =2.0 Ghz.
200 base x 11x =2.2 Ghz.
200 base X 12x =2.4 Ghz.

Now the cooling becomes important.
As you overclock your Engine. (CPU) Get hotter. One simple reason is that you are increasing the VCore Voltage of the Processor.

VCore on a 5000+ Brisbane needs to be set from 1.25 Volts to the CPU to 1.45.
So what does adding these 2 tenths of a volt do. It increases the HORSEPOWER potential of the motor at a sacrafice of heat. Heat is the main problem with overclocking.
Also keep your Ram to two Sticks if your can and don't run them Ganged.

You will also have to step up the voltage of your Northbridge. This part is like your coil in your car. The hotter it gets the more spark it creates and the more revving you get out of your motor.

There is lots more complicated ways to overclock but I have just demonstrated the bare essentials of the Overclock Technique.
Not all motherboards are the same and even every CPU has its own horsepower ceiling so explore it and look up your bios reset jumpers location. You will get to know it well.
Also that is where you go to overclock. Good old BIOS. If you have a newer Board chances are they are made to overclock but not all board can.

Hope that helped you.
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i have amd phenom 9650 processor installed on asus m3n78-em motherboard and i have successfully overclocked it to 2.6 ghz as shown below and the speed and stability is awesome, it is still possible to overclock it further but for me this speed is awesome so i am happy overclocking to this speed only. u can use a motherboard which had inbuild cpr function with crash free bios.
bus speed 227*11.5multiplier = 2611 mhz ie 2.6ghz speed!
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