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AMD platforms

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Anyone got any information on upcoming AMD platforms?
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Thanks a lot
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Feel free to ask any AMD questions you have here. Lot of people more knowledgeable than myself to help you out.
well release dates would be ace even if they're only rough and also does anyone know what sort of improvements they're meant to bring? Also what are the chipsets going to be like?
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Well, coming up next is the Leo Platform, which will be: 5-Series GPU, refreshed Phenom II (they're lowering the TDP's of the 955 and 965), and 8-Series chipset, which has 16x/16x or 16x/8x/8x I believe, as well as SATA III and USB 3.0. This is coming around April.
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Thanks, pity it's not coming sooner really if it was coming some time in january then i may hold off getting my new computer until they launched. May be a potential upgrade though in the future.
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