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Amd Problem

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well today i was running nfs 2 demo
and after 3 mintues computer crash.
booted back in game same thing happend.
i knew it wasn't video card.
so i went and i changed my memory settings and cpu setting to defualt and everything is okay.
now i wanna know which one it is.
cpu was at 2100 so overclocked 100mhz with venus 12 max load is 50C.
memory is not OC but timing had been 2.5 3 3 8.
now this ram is kingmax 466.
where u guys think the problem is?
i have asus k8n-e with amd 64 3000+ ati 9800 pro 1 gb of ram.
i recently updated the bios and for some reason i can't go above 2.1ghz

and one other thing is that mem is at 2.5 4 4 8.
and anytime i tried to make it less than 2.5 which is 2 i have to remove the batt
any ideas?
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maybe your memory just cant take a 2.5 Cas Latency. Which is fully possible. As far as the BIOS and not being able to go over 2.1ghz search me, thats a new one.
i know it won't do 2
but why i am hanging in the games?
well Games, despite not requireing as much stability as benchmarks, still requre a lot of stability so if any one of your components is having issues with a setting in your BIOS you may not notice it until you start playing the game when the instability becomes an issue the game will hang. So it is sort of a hard thing to narrow down which one it is because it could be either or, or maybe even both. All it takes is one component not liking a setting to make the entire computer less than 100% stable.
i tired losing my timing to 3 5 5 10 but still no help can't go over 2.1
i tried AI and the normal way of overclocking.
bios says overclocking failed
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Could be a CPU issue then. Got hold of a bad chip possibly.

While 50 degrees is a little warm, its well below maximum...

Are you increasing your voltages to your ram, chipset, and cpu?

You dont have much more room on voltages with your cpu being as warm as it is already at full load, but A64's dont require all that much juice.

The ram and chipset voltages are always good to bump up an increment or two.

With the system crashing mid-game, it sounds like a temp/voltage issue...and since we can rule out temps...all thats left is voltages.

I've researched and found typical timings for this ram are in the 2.5-3-3-7 ~> 3-4-4-8 ranges.
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which ram u mean the kinmax 466?
i will tyr to go over the volatge by 1 or 2
i just dono
before i used to go for 2.4 np
now after this bios thing i can't
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Flash back to an earlier BIOS if there are no issues with needing the upgraded BIOS!

X is prob right on the voltage
Why is he so smart

BTW Trying to increase the speed by lowering the CAS seldom works unless it is rated much higher than the actuall DDR speed you are running.
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ive had problems with newer bios too. get an older version that worked for you.
And make sure your heat sink is seating correctly!!! You are a bit warm there considering the FHS you are using, unless you case circulation is very poor!
BIOS updates are best only when needed or that the one you have has a known quirk. If it ain't fixed dont hit it with a hammer

Heck, I'm thinking bout flashing back 7 versions LMAO because the 1.04 ver (my board not yours, allows CPU voltage over 2v HOT DAM

BTW, how much mem do you have allocated tp your AGP aperature? You don't need any more than 512megs total vid overall. (Vid card RAM + AGP Aperature allocation = 512 total) =
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