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Amd Tl-50 X2

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Ok so my dad just got a laptop with this cpu it is clocked at 1.6ghz but i opened CPU-z i said that i had a 4x muti at 800mhz is this wrong ..?
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It's working properly and saving battery power

Most people disable this on desktops but it's almost crucial for laptops because it extends the CPU lifetime and saves batteries (as well as the family gems).
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Yeah , run orthos or super pi or something to get the CPU going and im sure it will go to the full speed
if you want the full power of your cpu i can recomend the following.....

Go into control panel and go to Power options....click on the down arrow under power schemes and select always on.....and then click on apply....next run cpu-z and verify that you cpu is running at 1.6ghz
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