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I've actually never been so amazed...tell me if I'm worth upgrading...right now, I have a crappy mobo, heatsink and barley any thermal paste(generic)....soltek sl75frv and a thermalright volcanoe 7+...right now, I'm idoling a barton [email protected] degrees celcious, and its overclocked to 2375mhz & 380 mhz FSB voltage is 1.825....I can't go over 1.85 with the mobo or 400 mhz...the connection between the cpu and the heatsink is weak, flimsy, and no thermal paste....once i get the $15 artic silver, either a swiftech mcx462-v, a thermalright SI-97A, a thermalright SLK-900u or whatever, or anythign else BIG that will fit a asus deluxe nforce2...I think I'll be in business.

SO thinking the temperature is 62c with my circumstances, I'm guessing it'll drop with the best artic silver, monster heatsink, and 120MM fan, maybe 33c...thats 2375 mhz 190 FSB...what do you think i could OC to...2500 220 fsb & 1.95-2.0 vcore???

Do you think I could go that far, or even farther? is it worth getting a 3200 400 mhz AQYHD barton??

What is THE BEST heatsink for socket A?

I don't even think the crappy heatsink/fan is running at its highest setting.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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