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AMD XP-M 2500+ Worth it?

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hey guys, i was wondering if an XP-M Would be worth it for about 140cad OEM, and how it would compare to a 2600+.. Thanks alot
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The XP-M 2500 has unlocked multipliers and will overclock as well as the XP-M 2600. Both will smoke an XP 3200 when oc'd (depending on your mobo bios options, better cooling & psu). If you have an Abit NF7-S version 2 mobo you can also up your ram speed from 266 or 333 to 400. Look for stepping IQYHA (proven winner).
$130. is more than they cost new. Upgrading to a socket 939 might be the better choice if you have a few hundred lying around.
My XP-M 2600 still plays all the games I throw at it. gL
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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