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AMD's Vs Intel's FSB

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Heres something random.

Why is it when Intel advertise they always have to mention there FSB where as AMD does not ? ? ?
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Because they like to show off - Intel's have quad pumped FSBs which have big numbers
pointless thread i know but i was just curious.

forgive me for being a bored person !
Besides, AMD doesn't use FSB (as a protocol) since 3.5 years ago, it's quite ancient technology. AMD uses HyperTransport (HTT) which is right now at 1000MHz bidirectional, so kinda like 2000MHz. If Intel were to produce a CPU with 2000FSB we could say that the transfer between CPU and NB on both platforms is of similar speed.
NB = Northbridge, i think.

Please explain, or linkage to explanation !
Yes NB = Northbridge.


Heres a few details on how AMD and intel use the northbridge (scroll down a little).
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Once the next generation AMDs come out, their "fsb" - Hypertransport speed is going to bump up to 2.6ghz bidirectional for a total of 5.2ghz!!!
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