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I'm new to PC building, but not to PC gaming. After about 2 months of research/YouTube videos, I just recently completed my first gaming rig! And everything WORKS, lol!
So I'm here to learn everything I can from you guys:D

Here's the build:

TT Core P3
ROG Crosshair VI Hero
AMD Ryzen7 1800X
STRIX GeForce GTX1070Ti
16GB Corsair DOMINATOR Plats
Samsung 512GB 860 PRO ssd
WD Blue 1TB hdd
TT Water 3.0 360 Riing RGB Edition
TT ToughPower Grand RGB 850W

The only thing I see in this rigs foreseeable future is a custom wire bundle:specool:

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Hello and welcome to OCN.
Good to hear your first build went well. I was in the same boat when I started. Looked up videos online and tried to find all that I could. Didn't have YouTube back then unfortunately, but videos are out there.
That wiring should be fun. Always helps to clean up the inside of your case.
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