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An IC just fell of my P5K

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OMG ***, the board has been acting funny since i got it, and transaction booster locks up the pc every time i enable it *even at stock*. The top right IC is the one that is missing.
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I'm so pissed. P5K Deluxe dude, ***.
Give me a pic.

If you don't want to RMA it, I may be able to fix it for you for free. You'd pay the shipping of course.

Originally Posted by Blue_Fire
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I'm so pissed. P5K Deluxe dude, ***.

Most probably a manufacturing fault. These things happen from time to time.

If it is still under wauranty then RMA it, you may be without a board for 2 weeks but its better than not having a board at all
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Yes, check my RMA faq if you wish to go that route.

I is located in my sig.

However, ASUS says it may take 10 days upon receipt for them to send it back out.

...and it WILL take 10 days..
bummer! it's odd though pc still operates with it not working. I was on the pc for and hour before i noticed it. I wish i had the technical specs for the board
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