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I have been frequenting these forums for a few months now as an observer, but as more and more of my hobbies lead me here I've decided that it's time to register an account.

This journey began as me building my first gaming PC in 12 years and is still ongoing. After I finished my build, I decided I wanted something better than the stock cooler on my CPU. I considered an AIO solution before deciding to dive headfirst into building my own custom water loop. I ended up spending a ton of time reading these forums when I was researching my build.

I finished my water loop and then it was time to upgrade the graphics card. I upgraded to a Titan Black edition. One of my next projects will be to add this card to my loop and get it underwater because my newest hobby is cryptocurrency mining. I'm getting 620 khash/sec with the Titan and am working on building a dedicated miner. I can see the hash rate being throttled due to heat, so I'm very interested to see how fast this card can hash with better cooling.

Sorry - went off on a tangent. The point was that in my mining research I found myself frequenting these forums a lot too. Combine this with the fact that no one that I know in real life knows or wants to know anything about overclocking, water cooling, cryptocurrency, or any of the other things I really want to talk about and I decided that it's time to create a forum account.

So, greetings everyone! I'm looking forward to discussion and learning!
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