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Hi,I am new here,but have been reading for hours,and hours,and this seems like THEEE place to look for help!I am building a budget($600-$700 without speakers/monitor)AMD gaming rig,and have pretty much decided on the Shuttle AN35-ULTRA mb.After reading the reviews on NewEgg,and some hit and miss posts on several forums,this seems to be a great budget,o/c board,@$55.00.I did however read that the max mem voltage on this board is 2.7V,and I was going to use PDP(patriot) DDR500 ram(256x2 dual chan kit),which requires 2.6V.Will this severly limit my o/c abilities?Should I use DDR400 instead(requires 2.5v)?Also,is dual chan the way to go,or should I use a single 512 stick?On the cpu,new egg has a 2200+M,[email protected]$77.00,a 2400+M,[email protected]$95.00,and a 2600+M45w @$95.00?Which one to get,higher clock+45watt,or lower clock+35watt?Is the 2200+ a dog?I planned on using a budget HSF(falconrock?),and the antec case I have has decent airflow(5x80mm fans),but I am somewhat concerned with keeping temps in check,as the family will no doubt use this when I am slaving away at work.I am thinking that by going this route,vs.socket754/ath64,I can get comparable gaming performance,and still get a decent 6800GT,or 9800PRO within my modest budget.Please help with my questions,and feel free to recomend an alternate route to budget doom3 nirvana!Thank you.

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- Shuttle AN35 $55
- XP2600 Mobile $95
- PDP 256x2 $90
- Geforce 6800 Standard $250-300
- Thermaltake Volcano 12 Extreme $30
- Antec Truepower 550W $115
- Decent Case/Fans $60

That's a great system for 700 bucks and the only thing you need would be a CD rom and Harddrive.

I highly recommend you go with the XP2600 Mobile, they seem to overclock a bit better than the XP2400M.

The ram voltage wont limit your overclock here, the PDP DDR500 is rated @ 2.6v so it will hit 250FSB before you have to worry about voltage.
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