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Anarchy online

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I have been playing this for about 2 years, but lost my good pay to play account because I stopped playing over the summer, but like with almst any mmo they draw you back in and well I have a froob account with a lv 27 atrox engineer, and I lv at temple of three winds. If any of you play you know that when you statr there you need a team otherwise you will die from the constant trains, so I am wondering if anyone plays it and is somwwhat near my lv can we be AO....buddies I guess and lv as a team because my other freind who usually plays it with me had his rig taken away so now I am stuck alone because when I go on everyone is too high of a lv to team with me. My name on the game is xypex982, ro just pm me on here because I am ALWASE on oc.net. Well I am going to bed now and expect to see me playing tommorrow.
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it is free to play "You can play free of charge until January 15th 2007" Anarchy Online without expansions,and those expansions lets you level alot faster and equip alot better weapons and armor. Other than that you can play till lvl200 with a free acc and that takes quite a long time. I had a lvl210 adventurer but i quit when i got bored of killing billions of Hecklers to hit lvl211.
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