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Anarchy online

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I have been playing this for about 2 years, but lost my good pay to play account because I stopped playing over the summer, but like with almst any mmo they draw you back in and well I have a froob account with a lv 27 atrox engineer, and I lv at temple of three winds. If any of you play you know that when you statr there you need a team otherwise you will die from the constant trains, so I am wondering if anyone plays it and is somwwhat near my lv can we be AO....buddies I guess and lv as a team because my other freind who usually plays it with me had his rig taken away so now I am stuck alone because when I go on everyone is too high of a lv to team with me. My name on the game is xypex982, ro just pm me on here because I am ALWASE on oc.net. Well I am going to bed now and expect to see me playing tommorrow.
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