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Annoying shutdown problem

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Well, i reinstalled Windows and now when i click the "turn off computer" button in the Start Menu, it lags for about 2 minutes, before it shows the 3 power off option buttons. THen, after they come up and i click those, it says "windows is shutting down" for another 2+ minutes....

Anyone have any thoughts....and i'm not reinstalling windows. I just did it and put all my driver's back on.

Which brings me to the question. Why aren;t AI booster and ASUSProbe II working. It says it is missing AIO.sys file.....dang it....windows...thou art screwed.
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Did you do a disk defragment after you installed windows,service packs and drivers?
yes....defragmented all 16 logical drives......0_o
I'm still haveing the problem, and i have trouble booting to safe mode.....

If i move my mouse in safe mode, the whole thing locks up....dang it.....i hate windows...

I nver have problems with linux...i am just attatched to microsoft for games

Anyone have any thoughts?
Shutdown issues are most often tied to bad drivers or misbehaving services.

Check around on microsoft.com - pretty well documented steps for most cases. (Sorry, on my way to bed or I would look..)
Reduce your start up apps and start as many programs as possible manually, this may narrow down the problem ? Page file? Indexing & settings? Get a few freeware programs to ensure all the apps your running are in windows task mgr. processes list? (if it starts it shuts down?) all in all as you know there is a tuning process we all go through after a clean install. Best of luck to ya....
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Hmmm Well the fact is im wondering if Windows XP is clearing your Pagefile on shutdown as this can be a common problem..Its either that or missing os files of some kind..To repair missing or damaged os files put your Windows XP cd into your drive and go to the run bar and type ''sfc /scannow'' and your system wil scan itsself for missing bits and bobs..Otherwise if its your pagefile clearing check out my FAQ as there is a section on disabling the clearing of the pagefile.
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