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Another cooling idea

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What if you could put a small air conditioner inside of your computer case so that it would be like really cold in there constantly. Or if you have seen the add on cooler on the xbox 360 if you put some thing like that, that was an air conditioner that would cover the fans on the back so when the fans blew in air the air was extremly cold.
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usually the A/C units "emit" moisture

comp+water= short circut/fry that sh1z

the xbox 360 fan pulls hot air out of the system, not blow cold air in (or at least on the one i have)
Please wait at least a day before bumping a thread. This has been thought of before, and the moisture in the air that the AC would put out would kill the components of your PC. Water+electronics=bad.
There are such cases that are similar to your proposal:


Is that what you were considering?

I considered that case...

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Ease up on the posts, there was only 2 minutes between your two?.. Anyway the AC thing would possibly work but it would be much more efficient to make a Phase cooler~ it's possible with some parts from an AC (though not as good as a 300$ compressor etc.) There was a build log that somebody was making one but they ended up buying a compressor and I don't think its ever been completed.

Another problem is allways condensation ~ I'm sure people will go more into depth about it.
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yea what syrillan said that case is cool but it is 200 dollars
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