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Another new guy

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Hi all. I came here to hopefully learn how to overclock my laptop... I've done some minor tweaking with my desktop, but really haven't truely tried to overclock before. Hoping you all will steer me in the right direction and corrupt my old mind...

What section would I post in to find software (locked intel bios)?
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Welcome to the site MightyAA! Sorry, I don't think there is anyway to overclock a laptop, even if you could, the heat generated would be terrible.

Nice laptop you've go there!
Which manufacturer made it?
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Welcome to Overclock.net!

The video card might be able to be overclocked slightly, but I'm not sure nvtweak(coolbits) will work. May have to resort to Riva Tuner.
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I made a more detailed post in the Intel forums...
Hi and Mighty WELCOME to you Mighty
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