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So on my MSI GT75 Titan laptop, I asked MSI Tech support why is the default stripe size when creating a RAID Array 128K when that is only ideal for large files like videos, data base files, etc but the more common stripe size is 64K or even 16K for the OS?

Their reply was that since NVMe SSD write data in 64K blocks always, and since there are 2 SSDs, so that's 64K x2 = 128K, that's why 128K is the best regardless of my workflow.

I tried to believe that but now I have 3x 2TB 960 PRO NVMe SSDs so that theory wouldn't make sense now does it?

My workflow consists of browsing the web most of the time, maybe playing a game every one in a while and offcourse installing my programs and OS on that RAID Array.

so can some expert explain MSI's concept to me and how it would apply on a 3x drive RAID 0 array? And what would be the best stripe size for my NVMe SSD configuration?
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