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Okay, rather than manually sanding all the paint off the case, I decided to go with paint stripper. The weather was decent today so I went out to the garden and got started.
About half an hour later, I had all the black paint off the back panel. But it left a dull grey finish which was the same as the interior of the case. Once I started manually sanding that off, I got down to the bare metal underneath.

Now, if I'm not mistaken, that dull grey finish which is all over the case is primer. Am I wrong in saying that?
If it is primer, do I really need to sand it down to bare metal only to put more primer on it?

Would this be an okay work plan:
- Scuff the stock primer with steel wool (brillo pad)
- Sand to 400 grit
- Apply new coat of primer
- Continue painting process


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You should be fine doing it that way. I'd get as much off as you can without too much exertion, though. Otherwise, just follow the basic rules of painting like using light coats and use clear coat for protection.
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