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Another WC question from a WC noob.

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Ok i Have started looking into wcing, Ive read all the threads in Water Cooling Essential Threads. I get the basics of how everything works and now i have started looking for parts, But there are somany blocks for the cpu and pumps omg its just blowing my mind. Expcialy after reading the cpu block shot out god thats a lot of blocks, But which are good for OC. Right now my comp is runing way hot and im going to have to upgrade the cooler so why not go wc for the first time and see how i like it. So what are the best cpu blocks for OCing. I have sean alot of pumps but it all about head and gph right, but i dont want to buy one that has good head and gph but be a pump thats going to go out in 6months, So what are some good pumps AC or DC. I dont mind an extra cord coming out the back. Im not 100% shur of my buget just yet still waiting on some ebay sell to finish up be for i know that, But i already know where i geting my lines, rad, im going to do a T for filling and bleading, also im going to add a gpu block. So thanks for taking the time to read my post, and thanks for any help.