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antec 1200? 900? or any other suggestoins? what do you think?

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hey there everyone, im in desperate need of a new case, my antec sonata is pretty tired now. ive been looking at the antec 1200, or possibly the 900 or 902, but im not sure really. do you guys have any ideas? cheers!!!
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The 1200 might just be the best case as far as air cooling is concerned, but it's a bit expensive right now, at least on the egg. I got mine for $119 shipped.
I would get the 902. It seems like a great case.
I'll also vote for the 1200, 902 isn't that much of an improvement over the 900, but like above I got mine around 120.
How about the Cooler Master HAF 932? It has great air flow and is really quiet.

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I would get the 902. It seems like a great case.

It is just for the price you mine as well get a 1200.
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I love my 1200 -- it is an air cooled beast that eats heat for lunch. But be aware that all those fans do not make for a quiet case, especially if you're going to place it up on your desk.
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