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Antec 1200 or 902?

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I cannot make up my mind which tower to get. I want 902 but i'm kinda aiming towards the 1200 just because it has extra fans? Any advice? I'm not looking for any other cases. Antec is my choice. What do you guys think? I wanna treat myself a new case as a gift for myself so i can give my brother the 900 i am currently using.
I just don't wanna do any mods cuz i'm lazy and i'm bored of the grey interior and my own filter mod it's a pain in the ass. I want an "improved" case. I'm not going water cooling at all cuz there are too many problems with it. Air Cooling only. Don't full towers give too much air space and mid towers take better air cuz it's smaller? What's your take on this theory? Help?
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if size isnt a problem go with the antec 1200 i have it and its great, 902 is just 1 hdd bay smaller, but it does make a difference if ur planning on some serious cooling
902. I personally ordered a 1200, but simply because I wanted the extra expansion. If you're not going to mod, go with the 902. It's well cooled, and looks great with the black interior.
i would get the 1200 as going from an antec 900 to a 902 just doesn't seem justifiable, but going to a behemoth full atx beast of a case sure does
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i personally love the antec 1200 series.. and you can do so much to it.
i would really like to see more 1200's around.
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the antec 1200 is a very nice chassis. its big (i don't know if you care or not) and will hold everything that you will ever possibly need/want now and in the future. oh and it doesn't look half bad either
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Wow.. so hard to decide LOL. I heard the 1200 makes you hard to reach the 8 pin? this true? I know it depends on what power supply you have. Don't the 902 have a little hole close to the 8 pin plug area?
Oh by the way, i have 5 cold cathode uv tubes in my 900. I'm crazy i just want better UV glow LOL. Am i nuts? lol

Originally Posted by pcnuttie View Post
Wow.. so hard to decide LOL. I heard the 1200 makes you hard to reach the 8 pin? this true? I know it depends on what power supply you have. Don't the 902 have a little hole close to the 8 pin plug area?
Yeah well since the case is bigger it'll be farther between the psu and the connector. If it's too short you could always just buy and adapter. My brother has a 902 and absolutely loves it. Sweet little case.
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a1200 you can just mod your 900 to look like the 902, so go with the 1200
I have the Antec 902 and really like it. It's an awesome case.

The 1200 is big and roomy. Both are good cases.
Yea i could mod the 902 but i'm lazy LOL. Besides i like how the filters are made to click out of the hard drive bays. yes 1200 is VERY roomy. hmm.. anyone willing to show their rigs? I just wanna take a look if you got the time. I'm still undecided LOL. I'm ALMOST thinking 902 cuz it has 8 expansion slots. Kinda disappointed the 1200 don't have 8 slots. It's nice to see extra slots,more advantage for pci slot fans for me. MAYBE.. not sure but it's cheap though.. hmmm... any takers?
I got in a little trouble with my 1200 and a 10.5 gpu' and a extra long res,no exact fit by about 3/16 of an inch. I wonder what case is goning to handle those new 12' ATI cards without losing a bay.
I say 1200 if you really want an Antec and like the looks. If not I say get either a had 932 or 922, more room and and handle water cooling better.
Getting a 902 would be like upgrading from a 4830 to a 4850. It doesn't justify the cost.

Get the 1200.
I saw a bolt on window for antec 1200 at frozen cpu and i could get a 1200 at newegg and i'm still wondering if the bolt on i saw at frozen cpu is ready to bolt on? How exactly do you bolt these on? Does anyone here have a bolt on window? Can someone show me what it looks like so i know what i'm dealing with because i might get a 1200 case and get the bolt on part ordered to go with it cuz it beats the hell outta ordering the whole damn thing lol. I can do it seperated. I'm tempted with the 902 too but anyhow can anyone provide pics what their bolt on windows look like and how you put it on?
Nevermind i think i figured out how it looks to bolt it on.
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