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Antec 300 Plan: Revision 4/New OP/Please Help Critique

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Apogee GT
MCRES Micro R2
Some 360 Rad (haven't bought)
2x MCW-60 (haven't bought)

Latest Revision based off of revision 2: In this revision, everything is internal. I'm no longer worried about loop order; readings based off of xtremesystems' forums suggest loop order doesn't matter and a simple/shortest route possible is best. Will probably switch the in and out ports on the GPUs for a cleaner look.

Points of Interest:
1: 360 Radiator will sit flush with the top of the case with holes for fans (which will be inside the case in a push fashion).
2: HDD bay will be removed. 240 will have push/pull fans blowing into the case.
3: Reservoir should have enough tubing to pop out of the case. Bottom plug will be removed to drain. Case will be laid on it's side with reservoir pointing up to fill/bleed; will use an additional hose on the top port if the reservoir doesn't have the elevation to properly bleed.
4: Although not in the picture, I will keep a side fan blowing over the GPU area for memory heatsinks (will probably end up using the 140mm that will be removed from top of case). Clearance issues with side fan will prevent me from putting the reservoir in the area between GPUs and side panel.

Previous Revisions:
Revision 2
Revision 3
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I would get a better case for w/c. Have a full tower will giver you more room to work with and have everything look cleaner to
my w/c with the Cosmos S. The Haf 932 is a great case as well
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Personally, I'd sell the two 655's and buy one 355 and run a single loop. I think the 355 would have more than enough pressure and it can be mounted virtually anywhere inside the case.

Also, with where you're intending to put the 360, I'd probably go for a bay res over a t-line just for ease of use (easier to fill/drain etc, also better for bleeding.) The added cost of a bay res would be cancelled out from selling the 655's.

I think it is achievable what you're trying to do but it might get a bit cramped inside a mid. Shouldn't be too much of a worry though if you're wc'ing the graphics cards because obviously you'll need less airflow withing the case.

Edit: Just thought, why not hang the 360 off the back? Would probably be a lot easier than modding the top. Would save you buying a res too. (Even though the res top for the 355 is epic IMO)
Well, I know the CPU loop can be done cleanly in the 300, based off the other builds I linked to. I will definitely attempt, at least, the HDD removal/CPU loop.

I only have one 655 at the moment. The bay area is pretty much off limits with a hard drive in it. It's a 3 drive bay and the barbs from the 320/360 will take up another one.
Oh sorry i read that wrong. If you want a smaller pump though, I would seriously consider swapping the 655 for a 355. It has less peak flow but it has a hell of a lot more pressure so you should be able to run a single loop easily. And as I mentioned, you can mount it literally anywhere in the case, it's tiny.
I take it the rectangle at the bottom is a res? If so, it would help to have it physically higher than the pump, with either a res top for the pump or a bay res. Other than that, it looks good. I'd be tempted to run the graphics cards on the 240 though, just because a CPU will benefit more from having a bigger rad.
Yes, it's a res, I'm gonna have a fill port barb on top of it and run hose out for fill/drain and plug it whenever I don't need it.

The 240 is a push/pull setup, would it still be better to run the CPU off the 360 which is only push?
That makes sense, but take into account what i said about having the res positioned higher than the pump. It make things a whole lot easier when you first fill up.

And yes, even with the extra fans, I'd say the extra surface area of the 360 will have better cooling ability.
Revision 3

I really wanted to keep all tubing internal, but if this would make filling/draining easier... I can't put the res inside due to conflict with a side fan (unless it's at the bottom like rev.2).

Also, this seems like a really long loop, should a MCP655 handle the load? I will most likely go with low restrictive GPU blocks.

The reason why I'm going with stages is because I don't have the funds for the 360 rad and 2 GPU blocks, stage 2 will be implemented after I get those parts in hand.
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I do think the 355 will be better, simply because of having more head. The 655 should be fine though.

Also, if you do get the 355, you can get a res top for it and keep everything internal like you wanted.
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Sorry, I forgot to mention the res will be a MCRES Micro R2. I originally had it in the bundle I picked up but wasn't planning on using because of space issues.

Any other criticisms about revisions 2 or 3? Seems like I'm just having a conversation with Aaron, although I do appreciate his help.
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